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In 1960 Fr Hugh Aveling wrote an article in the Ampleforth Journal (vol 60 (1955) pp 3-15), of which this is a reprint. It lists 27 former monks of Byland of which there is some record. Ex-religious were very numerous in Yorkshire—it has been calculated that there were some 438, not counting friars." Also it will never be possible to make full lists of the incumbents of many parishes, partly because of missing records, partly because of the multiplicity of 'peculiar' jurisdictions in the diocese. Again, although there are hundreds of extant clerical wills dating from the sixteenth century, none seem to survive in the case of the great majority of ex-religious.
s.a. Aveling H, The Rievaulx Community after the Dissolution - Ampleforth Journal 57 (1952) 101

Unpublished article by Hugh Aveling, MS found at Gilling: a general history of Gilling: unfinished, text stops abruptly at 1660

FX51-19 POSTGATE NOTES  (Ven Nicholas Postgate)
Notes on the Moors Priest and his relatives or other Postgates; mostly about relatives than about Fr Nicholas Postgate himself.

There is much else, not yet loaded - eg:

FX46-B_AvelingBibliograhy.pdf = B - Aveling bibliography by Geoffrey Scott May 1995 (10pp)
FX54-9_YorkshireNotes.pdf = Listing of Scarborough town archives on recusants (John Hugh Aveling papers)
FX57-3A_EBC_Yorkshire.pdf = Aveling notes: Yorkshire Benedictines, origin or worked there
FX57-14_FeckenhamNotes.pdf = Aveling notes: 3 copies of notes on Feckenham, typed. [No 1 lacks p 48 (last)]